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Pioneer in redefining real estate for a more sustainable and eco-conscious future

In an era of dual global crises concerning housing and climate change, SIRE Group stands at the forefront of transformative sustainability.

The housing sector is grappling with soaring prices, a construction lag behind population growth, and a detrimental 27% contribution to CO2e emissions. We understand the urgency to address these issues, and we have adopted a paradigm shift that places people and the planet at the center of our vision.


Reimagining Construction

SIRE Group leverages patented 3D printing technology to revolutionize sustainable real estate construction. Our journey spans five years, dedicated to perfecting zero-waste production, innovative kit system designs, and a unique concrete-free formula that creates design-forward homes while reducing time, costs, and emissions.

Our Sustainable Commitments

SIRE Group is committed to a future with 99% less construction waste.

We incorporate 60% recycled materials into our construction processes, making resource conservation a top priority.

By harnessing advanced technologies, our construction process is three times faster compared to traditional methods, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency.


Carbon Negative Construction

SIRE Group aims to achieve carbon-negative construction by 2028, marking a significant leap in the industry.

It ensures near-zero waste production, generating only 1% of waste compared to traditional methods.

We continuously improve our proprietary 3D printing formula by introducing recyclable fillers, bio-based and recycled polymers. This innovation contributes to our composite formula becoming carbon negative.

Sustainable Operating Standards

SIRE Group employs proven life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology to evaluate our production methods, ensuring the sustainability of our practices.

We engage third-party experts to verify our sustainability claims and assess our potential.

Our commitment extends to partnering with sustainability-driven suppliers and collaborators, further strengthening our resolve to be pioneers in sustainability.


Differentiation Through Technology

SIRE Group stands apart with pioneering 3D printing technology and advanced materials that bring sustainable homes within reach of all.

In contrast to traditional home construction, where 2.1 tons of waste is produced, we eliminate 99% of construction waste, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Our homes are designed to withstand the impact of climate change, with high insulation, soundproofing, earthquake and hurricane resistance, and other essential qualities.

SIRE Group can integrate solar panels and storage systems, achieving zero net energy consumption.

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