About us

The SIRE Group brings together the extensive national and international expertise of two real estate heavy weights: Sperry Real Estate Capital (SREC) and International Real Estate Partners (IREP).

What we offer







The SIRE Group offers investors a robust partnership to achieve enhanced returns with real estate investments that are in high demand.






Our mission

At the SIRE Group, our mission is to develop sustainable residential and commercial real estate, utilising green financing models to provide both short- and long-term investment opportunities, whilst maintaining our environmental, social and governance principles.

Meet the team

Sam Suzuki

Barry Regenstein

Kenny McCrae

Kamran Abbas

Kristian Syson

Xavier Pumarejo

Reynaldo Santana

Victor Martinez

Sperry RE Capital LLC

Sperry RE Capital LLC (SREC) is a commercial real estate services provider specializing in delivering capital market solutions to the real estate investment community in the United States.

The company provides creative advisory, transaction management, deal structuring, and marketing expertise to a full range of asset categories. By providing access to both equity and debt markets, they can offer structuring alternatives, create the optimal capital structure, access appropriate capital, and enhance the value of complex transactions.

International Real Estate Partners

International Real Estate Partners (IREP) is a facilities and asset management company, with a presence in 49 countries and nine-figure turnover. In addition to facilities management, they also offer a broad portfolio of services including; property, energy, and asset management, commercial real estate and sustainable solutions.

IREP are driven by client service and defined by their technical excellence as they help clients create and protect value to maximise asset life and ROI.